Scientists warn of a future great extinction of species due to climate change


Scientists have found some clues about future mass extinction of species on our planet, they would be influenced by us.

Natural disasters and climate change.

The growing number of natural disasters that have occurred around the world in recent years, is more than obvious, and in part we have always suspected that all this is due to climate change. All these disasters have brought death to millions of living beings, including humans.

Climate change not only brings natural disasters; until now it has also been suspected that contributes to the extinction of entire species. But still we could not know exactly how far or how climate change affects all living beings.

Extinctions by analyzing DNA.

A group of microbiologists from Uppsala, in an international collaboration, wanted to clarify this question by studying in detail the genetic variations in the DNA molecules of 40 species of bird and through it, they have managed to guess how common are these species to Throughout history.

How do you know that you guessed? It is because scientists claim to match indicators fewer individuals DNA with the stages of glaciation, of which have more accurate data and which can be contrasted. Furthermore, it has been seen that the last stage of glaciation (which ended about 12 000 years ago) was the most bird species extinct.

We should note that this time climate change is not only influenced, as usual, by the natural cycles of the Earth. We human beings, we modify the environment at will and presumably higher needs. As concluded in the study mentioned above, these modifications of the natural habitat obviously affect climate and the species that depend on it to survive.

And we must not forget that increasing the number of species also depends on the number of members of the original species is stable within its habitat, an example of this are the Galapagos Islands, where there is great diversity of unique species.

Given our influence in the extinction of species, we can conclude that, in a sense, humans are like a plague. But we must be careful with such statements, because some people take this reflection to the extreme of asking the extinction of the human race for the good of the planet.

But it needed to reach such an extreme? At all.

There are always alternatives to the problems and there are already initiatives that attempt to protect species of climate change has been scientifically shown to alter the expression of a few genes that benefit the body’s defense in a few plants, it is sufficient to protect a whole population growth and thus alter biodiversity.

This idea, carried a large scale, could help maintain and increase the number of living organisms of any species, better suited to whatever conditions we are prepared to improve.

We can solve the problem, however, should not obscure the importance of being aware about the state of the planet and their needs. The initiatives are never enough if not acted upon or humans take care of our home, the Earth.


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