Sleep Facts that will blow your mind

Sleep, or go to bed its the most pleasent experience, that its incredible you can do it for free, and we’ll leave you down below some facts

Number 1; you spend around the third part of our lives sleeping, that’s about 25 yearssleep_2925910b

Number 2; The record for the longest time without sleeping it’s 11 days.dt_140714_insomnia_800x600

Number 3; Sleep less than 7 hours per night reduces your life expectacy.

Number 4; Lack of sleeping can cause weight gain aroun 1kg per week.lose-belly-fat

Number 5; Before alarm clocks were invented, there was knocker ups, people you could pay to knock your window to wake you up.knocker-up-man

Number 6; a snail can sleep for 3 years.snail5

Number 7; Sleeping while job it’s accepted on Japan, As it’s view as exhaustion from hard job. Japanese-Culture-Drunken-Sleeping-in-Public-21


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