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    Unusual Billboards

    Sometimes a billboard is not enough, in order to bring to life the idea of creative advertising campaign. And if space and funds permit, you can “stretch” advertising to two and even three media made ​​a real representation. Examples of such large-scale, double and triple, commercials, see below.

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    PlayStation 4 – play in the boot process

    At the presentation in Tokyo dedicated to PlayStation 4, developers have told more about the new consoles. For example, in addition to compatibility with other devices (tablets, smartphones), the manufacturer stated that to return to the game will be just enough to press the button Power. But the most important advantage of the console, according […]

  • game films


    Feature films

    Recently, to make movies on computer games – has become quite a popular trend, but the selection of directors sometimes very surprising. there are still many unreached, but certainly worthy representatives of the gaming industry. Offer to dream up on how to look for them posters

  • mac webcam


    Wireless Webcam for Mac

    The network has some new personnel, first illuminated on certification by the Federal Communications Commission this summer, webcam from Logitech. Virtually no reliable information on the characteristics of the device, except for the price of $ 180, is still not known, but given the fact that the apple computer comes equipped with a front-facing camera […]

  • pupils


    Pupils rescued the girl from criminals

    School ruler on the 1st of September in Moscow schools № 1358 and 1191 were not as usual. In these schools, students had a meeting not teachers, and police officers who were awarded two guys for the courage and bravery. Student of 9th grade and eighth-grader Daniel Garkushenko Dmitry Kiselev detained several criminals who beat […]

  • Death Journey

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    Journey to the “Road of Death”

    The participants of the show “Ice road truckers“, accompanied by Canadian photographer Joey Lawrence, made ​​a dangerous journey to the “Road of Death” (Spanish: Camino de La Muerte), which is located in Bolivia and is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. After this trip the Russian roads you seem smart highways. “Road […]

  • first Mcdonalds


    The first McDonald’s

    McDonald education began when, in 1940, Maurice and Richard (“Mac” and “Dick”) MacDonalds restaurant their father relocated from Monrovia to San Bernardino (Calif.). At the new site restaurant was renamed “Famous BBQ MacDonalds.” This restaurant offers about 40 different kinds of dishes cooked on the barbecue. After some time, the brothers noticed that almost all […]

  • Hubba Telescope

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    Hidden Treasures of the Hubble Space Telescope

    The contribution of the Hubble Space Telescope to the popularization of astronomy and science world. In total, the Hubble has made ​​more than one million images, and of this amount of information is elementary operators could miss something interesting in space. Therefore, from March 27 to May 31, held an open competition, “Hidden Treasures of […]

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    This is only possible in America

    We know that in the U.S. this year’s presidential elections. This week, Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, and Mitt Romney, the candidate of the Republican Party, joined by another figure. He will represent the living dead. The candidate with the name of Zombie officially announces that enters the race for president of the United States. […]