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    Tattoo craze among Americans

    Mania for applying tattoos on his body has recently become pervasive in American society. Festivals and Conventions tattoos of their fans throughout the year across the country. Surprisingly even the fact that more and more people are already in a fairly mature age cause a variety of pictures. Tattoo artist Greg French, and his client […]

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    10 original earrings for girls who love to be the center of attention

    About 75 years ago, when people are not even aware of the fact that in the future it will be possible to make yourself a piercing in the cabin of the professional master all pierced their ears and other body parts at home. Although the modern era has not brought us cars, flying through the […]

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    10 cool photos taken at the right time

    Along with a lot of repetitive and unremarkable pictures sometimes we are able to capture the climax, which makes the photo unique. It’s all about the details that notice and some do not pay attention to others. If you are friendly and people, sooner or later you will be able to make a good picture, […]

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    10 coolest make-up of wooden dolls style

    Agree, wooden dolls ventriloquists have some kind of creepy, is not in vain with their participation photographed many horror movies, because their empty eyes and mouth is not just scare, and suggest a real horror. Therefore, it is no wonder that many girls are often used this way, for example, for Halloween, and rightly so, […]

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    Tattoo pigs: a new type of art

    Belgian artist Wim Delvoye began tattooing pigs in the United States in 1997, but soon he had to move to China, where animal protection laws are more flexible. In contrast to Internet users, the Chinese people liked the work of Wim. Each tattoo is applied to pigs under general anesthesia, and after the master and […]

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    Paper twists its all this artist needs to create optical illusions

    Who would have thought that with the help of paper bends can create stunning optical illusions. For example, this could reflect Danish artist from Copenhagen. This creative Dane likes to mix white sheets of paper with painted them black marker illustrations with reality, using an unusual link – ordinary paper bends. Welcome to the world […]