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    These Animals Have SuperPOWERS…!!!

    Many of us have watched movies were superheroes coming from other planets, doing amazing things like weightlifting, laser sight, flight, etc. or they’re not coming from other planet, sometimes they just felt in a can filled with radioactive fluids, and they became super powered heroes, but this time is not about humans that we shall […]

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    New species of animals

    Genetic engineering is developing rapidly, and perhaps one day will see one of these live animals. Meanwhile, they are created by artists like Sarah Roemer, using Photoshop. It definitely has a lot of talent.

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    25 giant dogs … they are also loving

    Remember the familiar expression that small dogs are the most tender? That’s not entirely true. The strong dogs also want to sit on the lap of their masters and jump into the hands of their masters, because what matters is that in this way we want to show your love!

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    The hard life of animals in captivity

    If you go to the zoo will surely enjoy the wildlife species and animals that are not found in everyday life. But few know that behind all this beauty hides a bitter truth that we do not even know or just do not want to think about it. The Canadian photographer Gaston Lacombe presented to […]

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    Tattoo pigs: a new type of art

    Belgian artist Wim Delvoye began tattooing pigs in the United States in 1997, but soon he had to move to China, where animal protection laws are more flexible. In contrast to Internet users, the Chinese people liked the work of Wim. Each tattoo is applied to pigs under general anesthesia, and after the master and […]

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    Curly evil: cat Albert, which is very similar to a evil sheep

    Calm and bitchy person, is not just dissatisfied “mine”, sometimes concocting people on his face, but a real syndrome, manifesting itself in a calm state, when people did not think to get angry, but simply, for example, lost in thought. So cat named Albert seems to be suffering from the disease, if it can be […]

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    Elephant Love: Have you ever seen 2 elephants kissing?

    These touching pictures manifestations of affection between two young elephants were shot 37-year-old photographer Jacques Matthysen in the Reserve Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. More than 30 elephants were running after each other, playfully rolling on the ground and just fooling around, but the two of them stood out from everyone. Photographer managed to capture […]