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    Awesome art by this cartoonist

    Art is not only on music, or scultures or realistic painting, cause cartoon its art too, and its the most vesatile and funny way to represent graphics in the world, the accurate information puted on the paper, its the result of a genius on creation, and besides, cartoon industry its the best paid one, next […]

  • zodiac signs body painting


    The 12 zodiac signs made with body art

    Artist Trina Merry started practicing body painting last year and in that time has managed to paint six models, all by herself, and created the 12 zodiac signs only with body art. The artist to create each character usually took her from two to nine hours, and she painted models posing with non-toxic water-based paints […]

  • art curious

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    Impressive wood carvings

    Some artists can create masterpieces starting almost nothing. For example, the British sculptor James Doran-Webb creates incredible art, just with ordinary firewood and wood chips. As a result of many hours of work they are born masterpieces that are striking for its realism. Here in we publish some of his works, which leave you […]

  • arte lapiceros

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    Impressive art … using different everyday things

    The author of these impressive art exhibitions called Victor Nunez. He has the talent to see things simple and transform them into art. To make your designs using only one palicero … and anything else. For example: crackers, popcorn, caps lapicer and what he pleases. Without doubt, the artist has a lot of imagination and […]

  • coins art

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    Chinese built a model of their city with more than 50,000 coins

    Pacey Chinese artist created an incredible model of his hometown Chongqing. This work of art is made with more than 50,000 coins, agates and chopsticks. He began working on one project after collecting 50,000 pieces of 11 types. Every day for a month, Pacey was engaged to design the city for two hours. From coins […]

  • tattoo americans


    Tattoo craze among Americans

    Mania for applying tattoos on his body has recently become pervasive in American society. Festivals and Conventions tattoos of their fans throughout the year across the country. Surprisingly even the fact that more and more people are already in a fairly mature age cause a variety of pictures. Tattoo artist Greg French, and his client […]

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    Paper twists its all this artist needs to create optical illusions

    Who would have thought that with the help of paper bends can create stunning optical illusions. For example, this could reflect Danish artist from Copenhagen. This creative Dane likes to mix white sheets of paper with painted them black marker illustrations with reality, using an unusual link – ordinary paper bends. Welcome to the world […]