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  • 3d pool street art

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    Looks like a real pool, isn´t it?

    Talented artist Jeroen Bisscheroux specializes in the creation of three-dimensional figures, that deceives the eye. One of his latest projects is the swimming pool, which unfortunately can not swim. Looking from the outside it looks like a swimming pool, but coming closer you realize that it’s just an optical illusion. Regardless of whether you know […]

  • animal rings japanese

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    Ring in the form of animals from Jiro Miura

    These rings in the form of animals invented by Japanese artist Jiro Miura, operating under the brand name «Count Blue». Miura creates these exquisite, detailed ring in the form of animals . His projects have also been used for mass production of phone chargers and rings. This is a happy artist who sees his work […]

  • body art moth

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    You see a woman on this picture of a moth?

    Very hard to see in this picture moth disguised in her naked woman. Body model Audrey Biernacki was skillfully painted a talented 34-year-old artist from Rhode Island, USA, named Paul Roustan, which is professionally engaged in painting since 2005. Work on the painting took 3 hours, and on the “masking” model 2 hours, total 5 […]

  • colorful smoke art


    “Colored Smoke” by artist Kim Keever

    American artist Kim Keever creates abstract “underwater” pattern, using only paint and plain water. Paint dissolves in water, creating intricate patterns, more resembling colored fog or clouds, and decorated the bottom of the aquarium only completes the picture. The artist chooses paint, decorate the bottom and photographs, everyone else is doing physics.