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  • famosas 40anos

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    30 Famous mothers who gave birth after 40 years

    The famous model Elle Macpherson, who turned 51 years recently stated that age – this is not a problem of having another child. In the development of modern medicine, it is very possible, especially for those women who care for their health. In this issue we have collected a number of famous mothers who gave […]

  • jennifer lopez


    Jennifer Lopez is very sexy at 47 years old

    The popular Latin American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (47) was discovered on the way to the gym. If some stars, which are directed to this sport, do not care about makeup and do not hide your eyes with huge sunglasses. Jennifer Lopez Sensual is perfect with its famous tight as black sweatpants. On his […]

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    Celebrities Photo Nightmares

    There are not always a make up artist near celebrities. So in those moments its were paparazzis come in and decides to bring to us the ugliest side and imperfections of this hollywood stars, so ladies don’t complain about it if you don’t look like famous girls, because they are just girls like you with […]

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    Celebrities Oddities

    David Beckham suffers of obssesive compulsive disorder Sir Elthon John Burns everithing what its useless for him, from clothes to home appliances Jennifer Aniston Keeps hers pets ashes over her fireplace where everyone can see them Jennifer Lopez, has hotel maniac things, everything has to be white, and she brings with her, own sheets because […]

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    Movies celebrities couples who became real life lovers

    Love it’s everywhere, and no matter your age, your size, your raze, social class, you can might be hitted by this little guy which wears diapers and wings, so stop running from him we will got you in the most unexpected moment. For this celebrities, they didn’t earn only money on movies they also earn […]

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    Like Parent Like Son, Angelina its hers dad double

    DNA its something you fight against it, because it will come no matter what you do, that happens not just with regular people, it happens with celebrities too, this look a likes are really shocking for some famaous one. The fact its about, if the boy or girl look like his or her father or […]

  • celebrities siblings

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    Brothers and sisters of famous Hollywood celebrities

    We know a lot about the daily life and hard work of Hollywood celebrities, but nothing about their brothers and sisters, or maybe extremely little information. There may be some relatives of celebrities for you to be unknown. We suggest you to take a look at the unknown relatives of Hollywood stars, drowned in the […]

  • jovenes eternos


    14 celebrities who have the secret of eternal youth

    The legendary icon of style and beauty, Sophia Loren once said: “It’s hard to be irresistible, if you’re lazy.” Almost always, beauty requires sacrifice. To reach 100, you must, without doubt, a great effort, because time is passing like the wind and can lead to instant youth and charm. But the big screen some stars […]