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    chopped turtle in half bites man eyebrow

    There is something that we can’t fight to, a turtle anger, theres so many species of turtles, there is one a on miami swaps, which has a peak and horns, this one its really dangerous because this bite can make huge damages on its victim, and there is other specimen who has not shell, yeah […]

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    Chinese challenge that’ll blow your mind

    If you want to make a challenge with your friend’s, do it with kissing o truetellers challenges, thats more innocent, kind, and nobody will get hurts, thats our recomendations to you. but if you are kind bizzarre your won’t hear our advice, like this chinese guy, who accepted a challenge, it was walk on a […]

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    shocking video of a car crash

    accidents can happen any moment, it’s something you can avoid, but sometimes it goes out from our hands, tons of people have experienced catastrophes on their back home trip, there’s unfortunate events when you’re not the bad driver, but on the other way lane comes a crazy driver or a drunk driver which loses its […]

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    Chinese man trades his own child for an iPhone

    Chinese man trades his own child for an iPhone, it looks impossible or even inhuman, but it’s true. The man’s name is A Duan, from Tonga in the providence of Fujian. This sick father found a buyer through the message service named QQ, the buyer paid the cost of 3500 USD, for the child, in […]

  • china ghost city

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    Ghost town for wealthy Chinese

    Beihai city, popularly called the city of the dead. That’s because more than 100 villas are built for wealthy Chinese and all of them are empty. Developers were expecting to populate the city of wealthy citizens, but its remoteness from industrial centers, which was to become the trump card, backfired.

  • muslim population china

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    The Muslim community in Shanghai

    Muslims make up 1.6% of China’s population, which means that the country has 21 million followers of Islam. The largest concentration of Muslims observed in Gansu, and Ningxia Hui and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions. Nevertheless, they can be found anywhere in the country. Integration of Muslims in contemporary Chinese society is associated with certain problems […]

  • rescue cats china

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    500 cats were rescued for Owners of chinese restaurant

    Truck delivering food in a Chinese restaurant, was intercepted in Xuzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province. As it turned out in the truck were 500 cats. San Hai officer and his colleague stopped a truck during a routine check. The driver said that the truck is filled with rabbits, but the officers were shocked when, during […]