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    Feature films

    Recently, to make movies on computer games – has become quite a popular trend, but the selection of directors sometimes very surprising. there are still many unreached, but certainly worthy representatives of the gaming industry. Offer to dream up on how to look for them posters

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    Unusual theater in Jerusalem

    In Jerusalem, an unusual open-air cinema, which claims to be the theater of the future. Within two weeks of theater will work as an experimental playground. Visitors are offered a new format of a film: the viewer can now supplement their own experience, going through the screen and got into film. The author of the […]

  • Bond Movies


    Overs Bond

    British photographer Greg Williams was lucky to shoot backstage James Bond films since 1997. Series Williams called Bond On Set includes photos of three separate films about James Bond – “Die Another Day Now“, “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace“, starring Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig . Also in the pictures is Halle Berry and […]

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    The best of cinema busts

    One of the British tabloids made a rating of the most beautiful star of busts based on the famous erotic scenes from movies and television shows with celebrities.