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  • This is what happens when people are under the effects of drugs


    This is what happens when people are under the effects of drugs

    The images that we bring you next can leave your mind restless and disturb your Good vibe, so we recommend you have discretion. See these pictures can cause you Severe laughter When people are under the effects of drugs they can do terrible things … Terribly funny and we love to laugh with their craziness. […]

  • crazy gym

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    Crazy people at the gym

    One gets the feeling that most people involved in the gym, do not know what others do there. Sometimes it seems that these exceptional weirdos are totally mad, and urgently needs take a picture of what they are doing. Funny collection of crazy people doing crazy things at the gym.

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    Superheroes of our time

    Batman, Spiderman, Superman – many people have read the comics and watching cartoons, and they want to be like their heroic idols. And some of them, as adults, have gone further – they are superheroes. In the U.S. and European streets can meet extraordinary people in costumes and masks to help local residents. Some of […]

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    Jedi opened a new school in San Francisco

    Not so long ago, in a galaxy not far away fans of the film “Star Wars” opened in San Francisco fencing club fighting for the Jedi («Knights of the Golden Gate“). Classes are held there, the Jedi Master Alan Block, part-time – a master of stage combat and martial arts. But not all went to […]

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    Working life

    Here is a selection of failed, curiosities and just funny moments that occur in the workplace. This can occurs to anybody of us.. that’s because we need to focus in work time. First working day is dedicated to these people: