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    Oops Didn’t see it coming

    This kid was really shock because he didn’t see it that car coming, and by the way the other  motoriders were really fast too, but luckly they weren’t so moron as this kid, because he’s speed was really high, and all our acts has its own consequences, so this boy just found that consequences, for […]

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    Bridge accident “the lucky one recorded the video”

    Sometimes God says “Its not your time son”, this guy was coming back from his job when a disaster was spread in front of his sight, a truck that was on highway right lane,  just overturned to then be falling in this guy lane, the most incredible thing was how this guy had chance to press […]

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    Where is the Easter Egg hidden in this Draw?

    Maybe the human being is kind of lazy specimen, but not it all is our fault, or perhaps you think that the lazy ones are our eyes, or what if our brain it’s the lazy one?, well we are clear now that our minds needs workout, that’s where the illustrator Gegerly Dudas enters, and he […]

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    Dj Screws up bride’s wedding march

    Your wedding is your most expected and happiest day of your life, you want everything perfect, no mistakes, no problems etc. maybe there is freaky brides, fighting maids, obnoxious mother in law´s, but how thats your day you can handle it, but if instead the problem is not coming from your family?, and if the […]

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    New Chapo Guzman´s Jail Benefits

    This man has been news the last months, is the Drug Dealer Chapo Guzman that we are talking about, like Taylor Swift´s song Everything has changed, it´s now what the Chapo is facing, were not kidding, from his new jail cell, with 40 cm´s thicker wall and floor than it was on first time, till […]

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    Woman dissapears like magic on LIVE NEWS

    Maybe you have heard or seen about the magician Dynamo, if you haven´t man, you should get a TV or an iPad, just kidding, well actually there is a viral video rounding around the world, about a women who disappeared on TV live stream news, the most uncommon thing it’s that the camera wasn´t focusing […]

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    “Give me five” white shark!

    This gorgeous, a monstrous female white shark issue that the perpetrators of this video cameramen christened “Deep Blue” is one of the most filmed to date, exceeding 6 meters in length. The image was captured in Isla Guadalupe (Mexico belonging to) a researcher named Mauricio Hoyos Padilla. The place where the images are recorded is […]