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  • funny kitchen items


    Creative designer items for your kitchen

    We all meet in the kitchen, because the kitchen – it is the center of any home. Many people spend in the kitchen most of their life, and someone runs there in the morning and in the evening, but one and the other will be very nice to have in your kitchen creative design items […]

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    The best advertisings of the outgoing year

    We believe that this kind of advertising makes people positive feedback and positive emotions. The comments you have every right to argue or disagree with us and talk about those works that seemed the best to you.

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    The competition for the most creative packaging of products

    There is a foreign site called, which has created in order to promote the industry in the design of packaging of products. Its purpose is to identify, on a competitive basis, winners that have created the best packaging designs. The site owner, Andrew Gibbs, after the competition chose the best examples of packages that […]

  • "old" smartphone


    Steampunk Smartphone

    New Zealand designer Richard Clarkson has created a unique concept – a unique fusion of “Moldova” mechanics and modern technology in an unusual smartphone, which was named «Rotary Mechanical». Unfortunately smartphone «Rotary Mechanical» is only a concept.