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    10 incredible animals of tropical forests

    There is nothing better than the old stories about animals. But today I will not talk about pets, but those who live in tropical forests. The rainforest is home to a variety of animals. One reason for this is the wide variety of weather. Tropical forests also provide an almost constant presence of water and […]

  • girl without nose


    A girl without a nose!

    Tessa Evans suffers from a rare congenital anomaly of the face: he was born without a nose. Recently, the world has revealed at least 50 cases. Since very little is known about this anomaly, his family struggling to disseminate information to people. Tessa Evans will soon nose surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. […]

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    Odessa, the stunning city underground

    The city of Odessa is under the earth, and has a multi-level structure. In fact, the catacombs of Odessa is an entire underground city. Has avenues, streets, squares, alleys and dead ends. According to experts, the total length of 2,500 kilometers!!

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    Robin Williams: The 5 saddest scenes he did

    Robin Williams, a character who is torn between the sadness of his life and the smile that had to give the film camera. A face two colors in true Roman art, lived on the edge of tragedy and mask of a smile. He was born on July 21, 1951 in Chicago Illinois. He earned an […]

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    The simple life of a farmer in Myanmar

    “No Internet, 3G, TV, supermarkets and pizza delivery to the office. The driver barely spoke English when I asked, wandering somewhere around Mandalay. The place is beautiful …” Source

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    Grizzly bears hunting salmon in the Russian Far East

    When wildlife photographer Michael Roggo visited Kamchatka in Russia, had a mission: to photograph brown bears as they fish from a very close distance. With the help of an underwater camera mounted on a pole, Michael made ​​a series of unique images.