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    Cute pets in funny costumes

    We present you a selection of pets in funny costumes in which their owners have dressed up. Little creatures are not particularly happy about it, But for sure the owners of those cute cats and dogs love them dearly and would not harm them never. After all these jokes are absolutely harmless.

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    The cutest cat in the world

    Cute cat, nicknamed Lil Bub very famous. It has a network of its own label clothing, books, millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Kitten is battling his attractive face with his tongue hanging out. In fact the main feature Lil Bub (protruding tongue) is the result of a rare deformity of the bones. Also […]

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    The bridge for Kitties

    Cat – are graceful and freedom-loving animals. But very often, they become reclusive. We see here a cat, sitting in the four walls with sad glances out of the window. Many residents of high-rise and high-rise buildings are wondering: “How to help your pet to freely leave the apartment, and then just as easy to […]