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    Ultra Music Festival

    Every year in Miami there is a festival of electronic music – Ultra Music Festival. We offer you a colorful and warm atmosphere of the festival, look at the crazy girls, and perhaps you would plan for the next year to get to this extraordinary event.

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    Wedding curiosities

    There is no wedding without unusual and funny stories and incidents. It happens that unusual events are specially created by guests and the bride and groom, but sometimes they happen by accident.

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    Demi Moore lights

    Recently, Demi Moore and Lenny Kravitz attended a party in Miami. Let’s look at how they conducted themselves in this private events. Especially Demi, who turned 11 November for 50 years.

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    Jokes to drunks after the parties

    Whenever we go to a party with friends, do not miss that person while we are drunk we do a joke to laugh at us, of course, are little jokes like mixing more alcohol than necessary, face paint a bit so it looks funny, do any phone calls pretending to be someone else, etc.. But […]