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  • adds curious


    15 ads that want to look twice

    One of the laws of success in advertising is to go beyond the ordinary, be simple, pleasant and not need explanations. Seeing this type of work you open your mouth and think why did not I think of that? brought to you 15 ads can not look only once, not twice.

  • novias raras


    Chinese crazy wiping his girlfriend at sea

    Living by the sea is really cool. Summer comes, and always have a mini-vacation every day. Swimming, sunbathing, without spending a dime is really beautiful. The Chinese also chose a good day to go to the sea, while he brought his bride to bathe … but it looks pretty rare and a bit deflated! 😀 […]

  • gym funny


    7 funny incidents that we only see in the gym

    Regular exercise is beneficial to health, but these “athletes” should hire a personal trainer, to safeguard its own security 😀 haha Look at these 7 funny incidents that you can only see in a gym. Most are gifs surely make you laugh a little.

  • right moment

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    50 photos taken at the right time

    It is not the first time we published photos of this type. What’s more, I guess you saw a lot of pictures taken at the right time, watered by the Internet. It always will appeal this kind of photos, so rare that remain. I’m bringing a collection of 50 images taken at the right time.

  • mascotas raras

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    The 10 most stupid and unnecessary for dogs… and cats

    From a simple thong to a chair to sit at the table with you, knows these completely superfluous accessories. You’ve probably heard the term “dog-son” This is a new family model that is becoming very in trend worldwide, and that the “fathers” have decided not to have children, but dogs, and give them everything they […]

  • genes curious


    40 photos of parents and son show the power of genes

    It should not be surprising when babies resemble their biological parents. But sometimes, the resemblance is downright amazing, more than father and son. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree and these pictures of children along with pictures of their parents when they were the same age demonstrated.

  • The ugliest woman in the world

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    The ugliest woman in the world. Cosmetics can not with them

    Cosmetic manufacturers certainly cry all night after seeing that their products can not with these rare beasts. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit: D ja   They say that to become more beautiful, women use cosmetics, but of course, does not always work as planned. There are cases whose results rather adverse. Girls who exaggerate with […]