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    PlayStation 4 – play in the boot process

    At the presentation in Tokyo dedicated to PlayStation 4, developers have told more about the new consoles. For example, in addition to compatibility with other devices (tablets, smartphones), the manufacturer stated that to return to the game will be just enough to press the button Power. But the most important advantage of the console, according […]

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    Park World of Warcraft

    China has opened an unusual theme park. All buildings, structures and statues of the park are perfectly familiar to fans of the popular game World of Warcraft. Housed in the park, even a roller coaster. Fast ride, photographed against the background of the statue of your favorite hero and the reality wander through the beautiful […]

  • game films


    Feature films

    Recently, to make movies on computer games – has become quite a popular trend, but the selection of directors sometimes very surprising. there are still many unreached, but certainly worthy representatives of the gaming industry. Offer to dream up on how to look for them posters

  • Olympics glory


    Olympics 2012: The taste of victory and moments of glory

    Summer Olympic Games coming to an end – there were some three days … At the moment, has already distributed about seven hundred gold, silver and bronze medals. The newly minted Olympic champions are crying with happiness and laughter, as they were to win all their lives. They will and should give due diligence!

  • Halo Xbox 360


    The new Xbox in the style of Halo

    In honor of the release of the new game Halo 4, Microsoft has prepared a version of the Xbox in the appropriate thematic design. Limited Edition Halo Xbox 4 essentially no different from the standard boxes, but are not equipped with a green and bright blue LED inside the case. In the sale of novelty […]