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    6 Truths About Having A Crush

    I bet you can remember having a crush at some time of your life. Daydreaming, tingly feeling deep inside your stomach, inability to clearly express your thoughts when your crush is around… Eh, sounds so familiar. Take a look at 6 truths about having a crush illustrated by Cassandra Calin and let us know how […]

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    Funny pictures of people who go against the system

    Around us there are so many rules and restrictions. “Do not park here,” “Do not walk on the grass” and many others. Many of these strict prohibitions are clearly visible to common sense. However, sometimes the heart demands freedom and wants to break some rules. In this article we have compiled pictures of how the […]

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    7 funny incidents that we only see in the gym

    Regular exercise is beneficial to health, but these “athletes” should hire a personal trainer, to safeguard its own security 😀 haha Look at these 7 funny incidents that you can only see in a gym. Most are gifs surely make you laugh a little.

  • Father's Day


    17 photos of dads who are still kids at heart

    In ordinary life, it is likely that most of the parents we see in the photos are excellent parents. But sometimes they wake up with a child within. Look at these pictures and you will understand what I mean 🙂 1. Let’s read a bedtime story.