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    The most craziest Japanese games

    Japanese are really weird, there’s no doubt of it, but when game things are on, everything changes, they have invented TV shows with amazing, gross even almost deathly things to do, they have for example an tv program where the challenge its, being envolved like a mummy and stay for the logest time you can […]

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    Chinese man trades his own child for an iPhone

    Chinese man trades his own child for an iPhone, it looks impossible or even inhuman, but it’s true. The man’s name is A Duan, from Tonga in the providence of Fujian. This sick father found a buyer through the message service named QQ, the buyer paid the cost of 3500 USD, for the child, in […]

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    Vampire woman is Maria Jose Cristerna

    Degree in law and mother of four children, her name is Maria Jose Cristerna, was nicknamed the “Vampire Woman” of Mexico, has two horns on his head and 98% of its body is covered with pictures tattooed. Cristerna claims to have spent a difficult phase after the separation from their parents, this led her to […]

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    10 original earrings for girls who love to be the center of attention

    About 75 years ago, when people are not even aware of the fact that in the future it will be possible to make yourself a piercing in the cabin of the professional master all pierced their ears and other body parts at home. Although the modern era has not brought us cars, flying through the […]

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    Ingenious inventors who were able to find a way out of any situation

    In life, it often happens that we something is missing, but most of us, unfortunately, not enough brains. These guys apparently a problem with it not experience, because they are simply unable to find ingenious ways to reach even the most difficult situations. Hole in a sock? There is a marker! No mailbox? There dumbbell […]

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    10 coolest make-up of wooden dolls style

    Agree, wooden dolls ventriloquists have some kind of creepy, is not in vain with their participation photographed many horror movies, because their empty eyes and mouth is not just scare, and suggest a real horror. Therefore, it is no wonder that many girls are often used this way, for example, for Halloween, and rightly so, […]