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  • 17.7 thousand dollars body modifications

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    The guy spent 16.7 thousand dollars on body modifications to become like the devil

    With the development of the Internet, there are many freaks who dream of their unusual and sometimes crazy predilections to become famous all over the world. Gavin Paslow, from Kent, England, also known as Diablo Delenfer spent 16,700 dollars on body modifications, to become like the devil. His modifications include: a forked tongue, sharp fangs, […]

  • artist tattoos

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    Tattoos made ​​based on famous works of art.

    Eminent artists gave the world many beautiful paintings, which are now admired by millions. And there are people who made copies of famous canvases on their body, using them as tattoos. Bring to your attention a collection of tattoos made based on famous works of art.

  • christmas tattoos


    Amazing and beautiful christmas tattoos

    Some people are so much like Christmas and want to holiday feeling has not left them never did get a tattoo on christmas’s theme. Some of them seem strange, but there are those who can be called masterpieces. Watch and marvel!

  • Crazy fan


    Crazy fan made 22 tattoos dedicated to Miley Cyrus

    40-year-old resident of Los Angeles, Charles Makkolda can be called the biggest and most insane fan of Miley Cyrus. Beginning in 2009, he began to put on his body tattoos dedicated to this young singer and it currently has 22 tattoos with the texts of the songs, quotes and pictures of Miley Cyrus.

  • portrait tattoos


    Most sloppy portrait tattoos in real life

    Krivorukost wizard makes terrible tattoos sometimes try to wriggle out of made portaka phrase – “I beat on your sketch”. Let us see what was the real person if people and animals looked really well, what they stuffed mountain-tattooists.

  • Tattoos on a woman


    Tattoos on a woman’s breast instead of mastectomy scars

    Breast cancer – it is frequently diagnosed cancer in women whose treatment is often mastoektomiya, ie removal of the affected breast cancer. The heroines of this article do not lose heart and the place of the lost breast they decided to get a tattoo. Women who have had to pull myself together and be strong. […]

  • most fashionable tattoo


    Cool and trendy tattoos of modern masters

    Time blue and incomprehensible portakov long been in the past. Today is tattooist can fill a real masterpiece that even hang on the wall. Ironically, too, but the tattoo is fashion and we’ll show you the most fashionable tattoo from these masters of their craft. Tattooists, which will be discussed in this article are real […]