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The 10 bathrooms and dressing celebrities

When it comes to interior design, the stars spare them much money. Some of the celebrities have opened their luxury villas and apartments for the paparazzi, and captured the interiors, the locker full of clothes, thousands of dollars.

In this collection you will see the dressing rooms and bathrooms celebrities like Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Brooke Shields and others.

1. Kourtney Kardashian.

If you grew up in a large family like Kourtney, you’ve probably had to fight hard battles in the time to take a shower. Kourtney was with some tpo of trauma, because in his new mansion, the rich girl has 9 bathrooms, which will surely make you happy: D

batrooms celeb

2. Kim and Kanye West.

We will not go far from the Kardashian family and now we enter the bathroom Kim, who recently bought a mansion with her husband, French style. The house has multiple bathrooms, but what is striking is that, in the same room has two bathrooms, one for herself and one for her husband.

batrooms celeb
batrooms celeb

3. Christina Aguilera.

The luxury apartments of Christina Aguilera gives new meaning to the word “luxury”. Your bathroom Victorian house has a huge TV in a gold frame … and other more details.

batrooms celeb
batrooms celeb

4. Brooke Shields.

The minimalist bathroom with fresh flowers and bright natural light.

batrooms celeb

5. Ralph Lauren.

It has a large window from floor to ceiling, giving the room a lot of light and space. Numerous mirrors and mirrored surfaces make this space Ralph Lauren almost surreal.

batrooms celeb

6. Keri Russell.

They have a curious modern and vintage blend in the same room.

batrooms celeb

7. Meg Ryan

It is also a very attractive and bright bathroom. The house is ocated on a beach.

batrooms celeb

8. Cameron Diaz.

They say the ornaments with the famous bath is done nothing less than gold!

batrooms celeb

9. Olivia Palermo

What you see in this picture is not a hotel … it’s just a closet Olivia Palermo.

batrooms celeb

10. Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba loves shoes. They have a room full of shoes and hats.

batrooms celeb


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