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The 10 most stupid and unnecessary for dogs… and cats

mascotas raras

From a simple thong to a chair to sit at the table with you, knows these completely superfluous accessories.

You’ve probably heard the term “dog-son”

This is a new family model that is becoming very in trend worldwide, and that the “fathers” have decided not to have children, but dogs, and give them everything they need as if they were his children.

This new “family model”, there have been thousands of products because, let’s face it, it’s a great niche to have needs such as clothing, toys, food, accessories, and a lot of completely stupid and useless items.

The times we live in today is more along the lines of “making a product for absolutely everything and expect there to be a niche market out there filled with people who are stupid enough to spend money on it.” And today, there are few sectors that defend this better than the pet supply industry philosophy.

We have collected information from the portal and we bring products for pets that are completely and totally unnecessary and foolish.

1. Toys for dogs. They are also entitled.

mascotas raras

2. The “catch poop”. Forget lugging plastic bags when you go out for a walk with your dog, you can now get this “poop traps” and put it on, however uncomfortable you feel. When making your needs, everything will be in the new invention … As a diaper!

mascotas raras

3. Pet Jewelry. Now your pet can become much more glamorous than you loved.

mascotas raras

4. Nail varnishes.

mascotas raras

5. A master suite for the pet. Cat’s show they are in control of the world, as they have always thought, and get these amazing suites for them. The sheets are easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty.

mascotas raras

6. Tanga for dogs. Is there anything more ridiculous than this? What if we add a plus? As it turns out fabulous and uncomfortable thongs for dogs are made with charcoal cloth, which is designed to neutralize any odors emitted by your dog anally.

mascotas raras

7. Sexy Beast, the perfume must have your dog. Nothing like the smell of your dog, and the “reasonable” amount of $ 70, your friend will smell just as if you put a laundry spray.

mascotas raras

8. A chair for your pet to sit with you at the table. Tired of your pet is rubbed on your legs while you eat? Then this is for ti.Se is a fabulous chair so that your dog sit with you at the table. As mentioned by the creator, the chair soothes frustration of the pet, and promotes a more refined behavior.

mascotas raras

9. A window for fences. Perfect for any dog ​​who loves to be able to see all the little animals that never have the opportunity to pursue.

mascotas raras

10. Cover the back of your furry friend. The dog’s face says it all … Poor animals! 😀

mascotas raras


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