The 10 rarest parks in the world

park rarest

1. Park 200 Buddhas, Laos.

Is this unique park, 5 km from the town of Nong Khai and can be reached on foot or by bicycle. The creator Buddha Park is one of the religious leaders of Laos Bunlya Sulitat.

Today it is the creation of a fully completed and everyone can visit this amazing outdoor park in a small area collected more than 200 sculptures of gods Buddhas, snakes and many heroes of the Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

Each of these statues in the park can be screened, approaching her. Of course you can admire from afar, but then you can not see that each stone statues inherent in his face. The height of the statues of the most diverse: some few centimeters, and some who spend 15 meters.

In the park you can admire not only the statues, there are also beautiful ponds and a glass sphere in which lies the embalmed body of the founder of the park Bunlya Sulitata.

park rarest

2. Green Lake, Austria.

Located in the city Austrian Tragoess park. At first glance it may seem very ordinary park. In the summer you can admire the flower beds, walkways and trees. Lake of the banks and the park is completely underwater. At this time of year when diving enthusiasts can not wait to see how the world is underwater. All the usual attributes of the park remain in their seats, but to admire have to use scuba gear and descend into the water.

park rarest

3. Sinners Park, Thailand.

If you are mentally unstable, a visit to this place is contraindicated. Sinners Park is located 40 km from Bangkok. There they will flush sculptures, mythical animals and other strange things. The special atmosphere is a “hell on earth”. Periodically you can hear the voices of terror.

park rarest

4. Park cosmic reflection, Scotland.

The creators of this unusual park are spouses Charles Jencks and Maggie Chesvik who have conceived an idea of park visitors about the universe and man’s role. The park is full of futuristic objects such as bridges, stairs and artificial hills.

park rarest

Traveling through the park you can even find a “black hole”.

5. Creation Museum, USA.

The purpose of this park was to show people about God creating the earth does not contradict the theory of evolution. Visitors to the park can enjoy the dinosaur figures moving, living with the “reconstruction” huge Noah’s ark. Also in the park there are bones of prehistoric animals and biblical artifacts.

park rarest

6. Flower Park Keukenhof, Netherlands.

The popularity of this park has brought a large number of tulips growing in its territory. In 32 acres of park you can find more than 100 varieties of these beautiful flowers. Also in the park you can see many lilacs, orchids, roses and lilies. Park is open only during the period from March to May and during this period is visited annually by more than 800,000 tourists.

park rarest

7. Parque Francisco Alvarado, Costa Rica.

The real miracle of landscape design is considered Francisco Alvarado Park. Walking through the park trails you can admire the life made of cypress elephants, monkeys and other animals, and the main “highlight” of this place is considered a mystical maze of live plants.

park rarest

8. Bird Park in Jurong, Singapore.

This magnificent park of birds from around the world, most of which are birds of Southeast Asia. The park has no type aviaries and cages, creating the illusion of full freedom of birds. Each group of birds live in conditions that could not be better mimic their natural habitat.

Attention to the parrots, which contains about 110 species of colorful birds is provided. Anyone can walk in the park and enjoy its beauty, but feed the birds is strictly prohibited, as it can affect your health.

park rarest

9. The Kingdom of dwarfs, China.

To call this place the park is difficult, it is rather a town where people live exclusively dwarfs. In this place they have created the necessary infrastructure entirely schools, hospitals and shops. Occasionally the villagers dress in fabulous costumes and everyone can visit the village where residents spend an interesting tour of the area and their homes.

park rarest

10. Chess Park, Japan.

On the shore of one of the canals in the city of Osaka there is a park dedicated to games. Everything is here, was made with a chess theme, here you can find numerous chess boards, board games like backgammon board to play the first or checkers. All objects in the park are made of materials that respect the environment.

park rarest


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