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The 10 women who loved Paul McCartney

paul mccartney loves

They are the women who have shared, but above all, have left their mark on the life of former Beatles.

Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. Raised in a family of opposing religious beliefs, because his mother was a fervent Catholicism, his father was a Protestant, but later became an agnostic.

Paul’s mother, Mary, died of cancer in 1956, which represented a hard blow to the economy and morale McCartney. Jim, the head of the family was in charge of Paul and his brother Michael.

Paul studied at various schools, but to the renowned Liverpool Insitute where he met George Harrison, who shared his love for the guitar, and the person who introduced him to John Lennon, the three, along with Stuart Sutcliffe in 1954, they formed The Quarrymen, who years later would evolve into The Beatles, Ringo Starr.

Along with Lennon, Paul broke his skills as composer topic She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand, however, also he enjoyed his own honey with songs like Hello, Goodbye, Hey Jude and Yesterday. After the dissolution of the quartet in 1970, Paul decided with his wife Linda, create Wings, which remained in effect for a couple of decades. With an important role, so Linda, one of the pillars of the life of former Beatle, who say, no one knows to be unfolded.

To celebrate his birthday, here we have for you a collection of women who have been vertices in the musician’s life, not only their partners, also their daughters and other surprises.

1. Jane Asher.
A British actress who was dating musician for five years. A special love. They met in April 1963 in Juke Box Jury Festival where The Beatles were presented. Jane was the muse hits like “For No One” and “And I love her”.

paul mccartney loves

2. Linda Eastman.
The great love of life of Paul, who was for more than 30 years. They met in Soho, London in 1967, when she photographed the band The Animals. They were married one March 12, 1969 until death took it in 1998.

paul mccartney loves

3. Heather Mills.
They met in 1999. Although people believed that the model took advantage of the former Beatle, married in 2002, but had trouble shortly thereafter. After a bitter battle they divorced in 2008 when he gave $ 48 million.

paul mccartney loves

4. Nancy Shevell.
Married for four years with her, an American millionaire 52 years. Nancy was friends with Linda, his first wife. They married in the same place he did with Linda. The musician does not know how to be alone.

paul mccartney loves

5. Heather McCartney.
Daughter Linda’s first marriage. When they married in 1969, Paul adopted her and gave her surname, she has always considered itself. She studied art in college and communes with the environmental and defense of native peoples ideas.

paul mccartney loves

6. Mary Anna McCartney.
The first biological daughter of Paul with Linda. Mary is a photographer, a very famous. She appears on the cover of the album McCartney April 1970, in a photo taken by his mother. He has captured images of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Helen Mirren.

paul mccartney loves

7. Stella McCartney.
Second daughter he had with Linda Eastman. A fashion designer brands such as Adidas and Gucci. After the separation of the Quartet from Liverpool, Paul created Wings (Wings); It said the day that Stella was born, he asked to be born on the wings of an angel.

paul mccartney loves

8. Beatrice Milly McCartney.
It is the couple’s daughter he had with Heather Mills, born in October 2003. After the terrible legal battle between the artist and the model, it was she who got custody, but shared with Paul.

9. Mary McCartney.
Paul’s mother, a woman who lacked soon because died of cancer when the boy was just 14 years. The musician wrote “Let It Be” after his mother’s dream, dream that ensures that spoke to her, call her a blessing.

paul mccartney loves

10. Yoko Ono.
Versions indicate that Yoko was interested in showing their work to Paul, but he asked John Lennon to visit his exhibition, which puts Paul as the true cupid between the couple. Yoko experts say caused the dissolution of the band.

paul mccartney loves


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