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The 15 most impressive waterfalls in the world

cascadas falls

Water has always been a naturally soothing elements. They say that calms the nerves. A waterfall can be very relaxing on your vacation. Therefore, for those who like to visit the waterfalls, we will see some of the most impressive waterfalls in the world.

Some of them are easily accessible, and to reach others would have to cross impassable roads. But despite all the difficulties, it is worth.

1. Victoria Falls (Africa).

The Mighty Victoria Falls is between the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, was named in honor of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Although not the highest in the world, is no less majestic than the waterfalls, which are superior to its size.

cascadas falls

2. Selyalandsfoss Waterfall (Iceland).

The fact that three of the most impressive waterfalls are found in Iceland, is a sign of how truly beautiful this country in terms of natural wonders. Selyalandsfoss falls 60 meters from the coastal cliffs around it.

cascadas falls

3. Blood Falls (Antarctica).

The waterfall of bright red in Antarctica is truly a sight worth. The red color is due to a mixture of salt water and iron oxide. Even more color stands out against the snow and ice, which is a permanent landscape of the frozen continent. Even more surprising is the fact that even though there is no oxygen in the water, which contains similar microbes to foreigners who live in that area. Scientists suggest that these individuals are able to survive thanks to the sulfur and iron content here. They look like aliens!

cascadas falls

4. Iguazu Falls (Argentina).

Iguazu Falls in Argentina majestic is a combination of 275 separate waterfalls covering more than 3 kilometers away. There is a section aptly named “Devil’s Throat” and lives up to its name, splashes of water that can become really intense. Like all popular destinations, this waterfall has a legend that says that this area was formed when a beautiful young woman refused to marry a god, because she was in love with a mortal. As the girl and her lover fled in a canoe, the god who wanted to marry her enraged and united all condemned to eternal descent rivers.

cascadas falls

5. Gullfoss (Iceland).

The beauty of Iceland in terms of nature and landscapes, perhaps, is incomparable. It is therefore not surprising that one of the most beautiful waterfalls is in this idyllic country. Gullfoss is located in southern Iceland, and because of cold weather, the water falls into it throughout the year. But maybe that’s what makes it unique among other waterfalls. Because the waterfall is hidden from view, the impression of a majestic river, disappearing into the bowels of the earth is created.

cascadas falls

6. Dettifoss (Iceland).

Another Icelandic miracle of nature comes here as a waterfall. The Dettifoss waterfall is located in northeastern Iceland. He is known as the largest and most powerful waterfall in Europe. Given its strength, it is thought to use it as a natural source of energy. Plans to build hydropower plants in the area originally appeared, but after investigation it was considered too risky in terms of safety and engineering of the project.

cascadas falls

7. Langfoss Falls (Norway).

This impressive waterfall is located in Norway. It is different from other waterfalls, as its location allows motorists to drive as close as possible to this natural miracle. This is because the road was built almost directly in front of the waterfall, creating the impression that a waterfall falls straight on the road. Undoubtedly, it allows passersby to make stunning photos.

cascadas falls

8. Plitvice Lakes (Croatia).

This gorge, like the Grand Canyon, located in the heart of Croatia. And the best part is that water retains the turquoise glow, thanks to minerals.

cascadas falls

9. Detian Falls (Border of Vietnam and China).

Is impressive waterfall is located between the border of Vienam and China.

cascadas falls

10. Helmet Falls (Canadian Rocky Mountains).

Canadian mountains are known not only for its snowy peaks and blue lakes. Right in the middle of the mountains is nestled Helmet Falls, fed by water from glaciers. Water falls from a height of 305 meters and flows through the valleys and plains, showing great.

cascadas falls

11. Cascade Ouzoud (Morocco).

The Ouzoud waterfalls is located at the bottom of green trees, cliffs and rock formations. The trees are actually olives, hence the name “Ouzoud” waterfall, meaning “olive” in the Berber language. The waterfall is 110 meters high.

cascadas falls

12. Havasu Falls (Grand Canyon).

It is located deep in the desert surrounded by the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It makes a beautiful contrast of blue and green on a background of red and brown canyon. An oasis in the desert is in Havasu Canyon waterfall, creating a wonderful contrast to the surrounding arid soil, with its waterfalls, flowing through the blue-green limestone, which gives the body of water that flows into the Colorado River and its incredible color. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most photographed places in the world.

cascadas falls

13. Sutherland Falls (New Zealand).

New Zealand is well known for being the site of the filming of The Lord of the Rings, but no doubt that in this country there are many more natural wonders of what is shown in movies. It is located an area where rain falls almost all year.

cascadas falls

14. Baatara Gorge Falls (Lebanon).

Lebanon may be known as a country that is constantly war-torn, but it has its natural wonders. This waterfall is completely clear. The hole looks like the formation of three caves, stacked one above the other, separated by a step formed naturally. Therefore, the cave was aptly named “The Cave of the three bridges.”

cascadas falls

15. Angel Falls (Venezuela).

Angel Falls is probably the most beautiful waterfall in the world, located in the Venezuelan jungle, and sits right on the edge of the Auyantepui mountain. The waterfall is more than 979 meters. However, due to the fact that the waterfall is so high, the water is not even at the foot of the hill, in a dense fog evaporates before reaching the ground.

cascadas falls


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