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The 5 most expensive hair cuts Celebrity

hair cuts celebrity

Celebrities are known to do crazy things in extravagant expenses. They buy very expensive things, most expensive car, the most expensive houses … and the most expensive hairstyles.

1. Jennifer Aniston $ 600
Jennifer Aniston confident stylist Chris McMillan, who was the stylist comedy Friends. This celebrity stylist charges $ 600 per cut.
hair cuts celebrity

2. Rihanna $ 2.000
Rihanna’s hair is one of the most important things for your image, she trusts her hair stylist Ursula Stephen celebrity who has over 15 years creating the latest trends in hairstyles, Rihanna is the perfect example of his most notable cutting edge cuts and versatile.
hair cuts celebrity

3. Michael Douglas $5,000
Michael Douglas had to part with her ​​long hair for a scene in the film Hail, Hero !. The court was valued at $ 1,000 in 1969, which would be equivalent to about $ 5,000 today.
hair cuts celebrity

4. David Beckham $6,000
The soccer superstar David Beckham recently retired, got his iconic blond hair cut as a requirement for sponsorship contract with a company called County Chemicals for product called Brylcreem hair cream. The company needed a modern face to promote their new product. The price of this haircut was $ 6,000
hair cuts celebrity

5. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah $ 31,000
The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah pays an average of $ 31,000 to get his hair cut by his trusted barber for 16 years, Ken Modestou.
hair cuts celebrity


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