The Brazilian could become the Hulk for life

Hulk for life

35-year-old keeper Paulo Henrique dos Santos of Rio Janeiro (Brazil) took part in the competition for the best fancy dress. The man decided that he would represent the Incredible Hulk, and for greater plausibility of his body painted in green. Hulk was incredibly successful in the competition, and “suit” really was a hit of the day. Only after such a difficult competition Enrique had to take the ordinary human form – this is where the problems started.

As Paulo wanted to achieve rich color, he gained a little unusual paint that in retail stores is not for sale. A look at the label, he did not deem it necessary. It turned out that what he has managed to smear his entire body, is used for painting submarines and oil tankers. A distinctive feature of this paint is resistant to external influences of any kind.

The man took 20 baths in one day, he rubbed himself dressing bottle brush and brush for dishes, he ordered the store household chemicals in bulk all the cleaning supplies and in turn inflicted on their skin. It was difficult, painful and incredibly embarrassing, but nothing else left to do. Fortunately, this story has a happy end – the ill-fated paint could be reduced to the body. Thus he Paulo said that nothing spared for the sake of world fame can repeat his feat.

Hulk for life

Hulk for life

Hulk for life

Hulk for life


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