The bride shaved hair on the wedding day to help cancer research

bride shaved hair

31-year-old Roxy Greaves stunned guests by allowing his wife to shave off all his hair to help cancer research within an hour after the wedding ceremony. Together with his 30-year-old husband, Mick , they decided to make a striking statement on your wedding day in the city of Sheffield to raise money for charity.

The couple live in Yorkshire, and both lost their relatives because of this terrible zabolevaniya.Na front of 80 guests affected Greaves own hands made her a new hairstyle new husband.

Roxie herself said that 16 years would shave his head for cancer research, and I was sure that this should happen in a memorable day. When she asked her fiance if he agreed, he said, he has a condition – to make our plans after the wedding ceremony.

bride shaved hair

bride shaved hair

bride shaved hair


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