The man walked around the world in four and a half years + Videos

32-year-old Japanese Masahito Yoshida has recently returned to Shanghai, thus completing an epic trip around the world, but that began four and a half years ago. The man walked about 40,000 miles, visited four continents. The most needed items he carried with him on a two-wheeled cart. During a memorable stay, Yoshida was erased seven pairs of shoes.

man around the world

Masahito Yoshida went on a journey back in 2009. Man has always wanted to see the world, learn its secrets and mysteries. Yoshida immediately decided that he would go on foot, because only in this case he would not have missed the small villages and isolated town. In order to cover a distance of 16,000 kilometers and reach from Central Asia to Cape Roca in Portugal, Yoshida took a year and eight months. Having made a flight from there to the United States, the Japanese traveler went from New Jersey to Vancouver, where he arrived safely in October 2011. Next Masahito Yoshida crossed Australia. It is worth noting that during his stay in the Green Continent, and before that in Canada, the enterprising Japanese engaged in petty part-time job in order to have enough money to buy food and other daily expenses.

man around the world


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