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In this article we want to tell the experience of a mother who decided to change the technical education in which only highlights the errors, and analyzed in practice the consequences it could have on the child’s point of view in the future. Oddities123.com believes she exposes the arguments relate to the truth.

“I’ll start from the beginning. My daughter almost never went to school early stimulation, I myself was the one who always took care of that. When we were training her hand before admission to regular school, our notebook looked like this:

pen green

Do you see the difference? He not highlighted with red pen errors but highlighted with green letters and balls that had gone well. She liked it a lot and always after completing a line asking me, Mommy, what all I went better “And even more pleased when I circled the nicest letter with the words” very good “?.

What is the difference between the two techniques? Have you already understand?

1. In the first case we focus on errores.¿Qué has been etched in the mind? Exactly, the letters were crooked, that is, what is wrong. Have you ever seen surrounded letters or correct answers in red ink? Do not! Still, like it or not, our subonsciente remember what has been highlighted.

2. In the second case we concentrate on what is well done. We experience completely different emotions and a different attitude. Whether we like it or not, our subconscious will tend to repeat what we have managed to do well (and was highlighted). It is a completely different internal motivation: try not to avoid mistakes, but we strive to do what is right. It seems the same, but there is a change in the structure of thought.

The next question: How do they affect the future highlighted in adulthood errors?

The answer is obvious: since childhood we used to focus on the flaws, and what is wrong in what seems wrong. We are taught to think and from school with red pen. We were taught to think so from our homes where we most often see what they were doing was wrong, they congratulate us what we had done well.

Twenty balls that were in the line cross out only one, that is, 19 were well made, and one was not.

Why focus on him?

This practice (the red pen to highlight what is wrong and to which we are accustomed from early childhood) stays there until adulthood, and it is almost impossible to eradicate. That’s one of the reasons for our sense of dissatisfaction in life.

it will grow, as we focus. The focus tends to take an increasingly important place in our lives. From childhood, we begin to carve the lives of our children with the same die with which it was carved ours, and that is not always positive.

If you put into practice the principle of “green pen” you will see that even if you do not show the child their mistakes, these will disappear gradually: he will try to do well because it pleases.

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