The most harmful food

most harmful food

Fast food has won the hearts of many people around the world. We all know that fast food meals contain a lot of calories and a variety of dietary supplements that can harm the body. Today I will show examples of the most harmful fast food.

Brunch Burger

This dish – meat lover’s dream. In cut in half and toasted donut maker places: scrambled eggs, bacon and beef patty. This dish is sold at the stadium PNC-park. In the burger contains 902 calories.

most harmful food


The stadium in Baltimore, you can purchase a Walk-off – sausage Old Bay Roma, covered with baked cheese. Normally this dish with bread sold “small plates”. Such a tasty fast food contains 1,096 calories.

most harmful food


This hot dog is not for nothing called the Beast (“Beast”). It contains 1,121 calories. Especially for this dish is a sausage wrapped in bacon and fried. This hot dog can be purchased in Milwaukee.

most harmful food


In this dish consists of slices of smoked beef, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, and nachos (tortilla crisps). In a food contains 1,400 calories.

most harmful food

Moby Dick

Huge sandwich “Moby Dick” is striking. It includes the following ingredients: a large loaf, fish cakes, salad, tartar sauce, French fries, tomatoes and cheese. In such a “miracle” contains 2,000 calories, 200 grams of fat.

most harmful food


This 60-cm round cake covered with slices of bacon, peppers, cheese, lettuce, sauce pico de Gallo (of chopped tomatoes, onions and chili). In a dish contains 2,978 calories.

most harmful food

Fifth Third Burger

Fifth Third Burger – it’s now a multi-layer monster that is sold in the state of Michigan. On a bun placed a huge layer of beef, chili con carne, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. This plate contained 4800 calories, 300 g fat, 744 mg of cholesterol, 10,000 milligrams of sodium.

most harmful food

Texas Pretzel

This pretzel weighs 1 kg. It can be bought in Texas. In such a pretzel contains 3,700 calories.

most harmful food


In Washington, you can buy StrasBurger, which weighs 3 pounds. This burger contains 10,000 calories, 700 grams of fat.

most harmful food


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