Tips for ergonomically placing your work place

We already know that in our work place we spend a lot of hours a day. This will touch us to live it for at least a great number of years throughout our life. For this reason, while we do not have a great stroke of luck, we have to try to adapt our work position to the most comfortable position possible.

We are going to offer a series of advice that should be obligatory if we want to maintain a good risk prevention at work in our usual job.

sillas ergonomicas


Getting away from natural light
It is best to maintain a concordance so that exposures of our retina to natural light do not occur. Keep our screens away from the incidence of sunlight. Very beneficial to our body, but harmful to our eyes.

Beware of artificial light
What is most recommended is that the light is in a medium-low intensity. This will not produce reflections, which can also be very annoying to our eyes. Avoid the incidence of intense light sources. If you detect that you can have someone who is influencing your ability to work, you must notify your manager. It is the only way to get that annoyance does not create a greater risk for the future.

Ask for a ReposaPies
The office chairs that we currently use have improved greatly in security and rest issues for Our feet and legs. In addition to the prevention work groups, ensure proper regulation of them. Do not forget that these chairs are prepared to be regulated in height so that we form a right angle with our knees. This will make them suffer less.

Therefore, we point out a complementary method to finish making our sitting time somewhat safer and more relaxed. Using this apparatus, we run less risk of our legs being overloaded by the unnatural position that we acquired by sitting so long. It is a good method of rest and is tremendously recommended by specialists.

If you can, add an ergonomic mouse stand and case.
Once we let our feet rest, we let our eyes and our wrists rest a little more. The lectern makes it much easier for the reading to occur at the same level as the screen and allow us to take all kinds of notes. It is not extremely necessary, since you do not always have to manage a high level of printed documentation.

But the holster to support the mouse should be mandatory. It is necessary that the wrist that handles it has to be something more raised than the rest of the hand. Leaving it below that level, we run the risk of injuring ourselves.

Controls the positioning of objects
With this final advice we refer to how you place the elements that are most needed and less. You should have very close to you (so you do not have to move) all the elements you use most often. When you have to change the way you sit, then you have that object far away. Value then where you should place each thing.

We hope that with the use and monitoring of these tips, the problem of disorder of the posts will be solved. In addition, the number of chronic injuries produced by unnecessary elongation of some muscles is also likely to decrease.


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