TOP 5 U.S. homes with ghosts for Halloween

ghosts for Halloween

The haunted house – a traditional fun on Halloween in the States. And in addition to decorating homes and streets pumpkins, ghosts and all sorts of images of occult attributes in the orange-purple-black scheme, fans of horror and ghosts who want to celebrate this fun holiday, can go to one of the places where you can test your nerves to the test. I bring to your attention the most horrible places to visit in America on Halloween.

ghosts for Halloween

Darkness, St. Louis Many believe this ride one of the worst in the world. Not surprisingly – as involved in its creation more than 100 animation effects, 40 of Hollywood special effects and 50 live actors. To understand the scale of the action, it is enough to say that the only update “Scream” was spent 150,000 dollars.

ghosts for Halloween

Haunted House in New Hampshire Many circular saws, costumed characters and fog will make your outing fun in endless nightmare. What more do you need for a mystical holiday like Halloween?

ghosts for Halloween

“Asylum and Hotel Fear” in Las Vegas This site is a collection of old truck-trailers. As a shelter and hotel include its share of surprises for unsuspecting visitors. The atmosphere glows especially small area of asylum and the constant feeling that someone walks nearby …

ghosts for Halloween

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is considered to be one of the most haunted places. Originally, it was a hospital for people suffering from tuberculosis running. And when it was found a cure for the disease – in 1943 – the hospital was closed. The new owners have opened an institution for ghost hunters, making him the haunted house.

ghosts for Halloween

Dungeon horror in West Virginia is the name of a special tour that takes place on Halloween in the state of West Virginia prison. Facility was built in 1866 and closed in 1995. The prison was the site of numerous executions and killings of prisoners.


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