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Vampire woman is Maria Jose Cristerna

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Degree in law and mother of four children, her name is Maria Jose Cristerna, was nicknamed the “Vampire Woman” of Mexico, has two horns on his head and 98% of its body is covered with pictures tattooed.

Cristerna claims to have spent a difficult phase after the separation from their parents, this led her to take refuge in the world of tattoos. It was at that time she met the father of her four children, whom she married at age 17, but never imagined it would be abused by her husband.

“I married because I was single, my parents had one and a half have been separated, and when someone you love makes you laugh. At the time was very much in love but when we do a year my ex-husband began to abuse me, slaps, kicks and even caused my daughter was born at seven months” he said.

Vampire woman Maria Jose

However, the birth of her fourth son, Ishmael and the abuse he suffered constantly, was what determined that Cristerna leave her husband and went to live alone with their four children.

“I was painting and nothing broke my tape recorder in his head, then kicked me and all my children were watching, that was crucial to let him and I went to live with my children,” he said.

And despite her appearance, she continues to teach good manners and values ​​to their children.

Vampire woman Maria Jose
Vampire woman Maria Jose
Vampire woman Maria Jose
Vampire woman Maria Jose
Vampire woman Maria Jose


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