Weird Forbidden Things Around the World

ketchup_1KETCHUP ON FRANCE This sauce was forbidden on this country cafeterias because so many people or students were eating so much, since then they just put ketchup only if they order french fries.

Baby-wallpapers-2011-2SPECIAL NAMES ON DENMARK When you choose your childs names you have to do it from a list aproved by the government.

baby-walker2BABY WALKERS some studies made by scientifics proof that using thems make kids show delayed motor skills.

Depositphotos_5925068_sCHEWING GUM ON SINGAPORE since 1992 selling chewing gum was forbbiden for being pasted below tables, elavators, and public places.

IMG_5343YELLOW COLOR ON MALAYSIA this color it’s forbbiden because this one is used by activists against government on their  shirts, but don’t worry it’s just forbbiden on clothes.





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