Why am I so afraid when I’m going to sleep

Why am I so afraid when im going to sleep

Do you know why are you are so scary when you’re going to sleep or to bed? Well don’t be worry about it because that feeling its more normal than you think.

The name for that phobia or fear its somniphobia. For some people bed time it’s the best part of the day, and for others it’s an awaken nightmare, just the fact that is getting dark, make them feel altered, sweaty and anxious, this behavior appears when the man suffered continuous nightmares in the past, one main reasons it’s that he or she watched strong and shocking horror movies. Other fact can be that the person could be awaked after an natural disaster, car crash etc.

Finally this behavior is normal on tons of people, but if this fear it’s causing you major troubles, you should consult a Psychologist.




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