Wooden bridges in China are almost 1,000 years

Wooden bridges in China are almost 1,000 years. Wooden bridges that keeps China have stood the test of time. The most unusual is that they are used every day. Actually arched wooden bridges built almost 1,000 years ago show the real skill of the master craftsmen who built them.


The bridges, suspended between two banks of lush vegetation and built from the wood of the trees that surround them, are functional part of life in the provinces of Zhejiang Fuijan and along the southeast coast of China.

One of the most important bridges is found in the town Tangkou in Fuzhou. It is very large, and was created during the Southern Song Dynasty, and was built from 1127-1279. It measures 62.7 meters long and 4.9 meters high. It remains an iconic image of the ancient Chinese construction methods.





Wooden bridges in China are almost 1,000 years


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