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Hey there! Are you dreaming to be a writer? Do those blank pages often trigger you to create something or make you do something that you’re passionate about? Is writing more than just a hobby to you? Do you want to make writing your profession and earn money? Don’t worry, because you’re exactly there where you need to be!

You see, writing content for various blogs and websites are very much in for the last couple of years. People nowadays often go online to know about a product, or to fix a problem they’re facing, to gain knowledge on some particular thing, or just to know more about the things happening in the world.

And that’s what those blogs and sites do. They publish articles and content that help people in getting that knowledge they’re seeking for.

Writing for websites and blogs is now a great profession around all over the globe, and every day many people are taking this up as their secondary, or even primary profession. It is an interesting job, which allows you to follow your dream to be a writer, as well as gives a wonderful opportunity to earn a good amount of money.

Now I know what is going on in your mind. You’re now very serious about taking writing as your profession, but still wondering how to do it. Am I right? Many questions like ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘when’ are hopping in your mind.

It’s like, you can see that your dream of being a writer can come true, but still you don’t know how it would be possible. And the most important question, will you be getting paid for what you write, or it will be a free service?

Write for us – How to pursue your dream

If all those above questions are bothering you, then I must now tell you that we’re the people who can help you to achieve your dream to be a well-paid writer. Well, telling people that you’re a professional writer is not what everyone can say, right? It takes certain skills to be a writer. Because writers are the people who’re known as the creators. And not everyone possesses the skill to create something.

That’s why we try to help people who’re talented, aspiring, skillful writers; or should I say, creators? We always seek good and skillful writers who can take up the responsibility to write about something.

And yes, we always PAY OUR WRITERS for what they write for us. Writing is a gifted skill, and we understand how much time and effort a writer invests while doing his/her job. We always respect their effort and skill.

You can be a paid writer for us. There are four options for you to take which you can write and earn a good buck for yourself. Let me give you more briefs on that.

Write for us to be a paid writer

The first option is, to become a good writer, first become a good reader. Wondering what does it even mean? Well, being a reader, you surely know what kind of articles you love to read, or what articles engage you to a particular site. First, figure it out.

Now write something on that you love to read. While writing, ask yourself how this article should be written that you will enjoy reading it? You know, if a reader doesn’t enjoy your write-up, there’s no point in writing, right? Don’t get nervous thinking you’re not a professional.

No one becomes a professional until he/she tries. Open your PC and start writing without worrying about a single thing. Make your write-up enjoyable, send it to us, and sit back.

Now the important part. How will you get paid for your write-ups? Well, we’ll publish your articles on our website. And if it’s enjoyable, fun-reading, and yet informative, it will start getting a fan base. And if it becomes huge enough, you’ll automatically be a paid writer for our website.

Write for us and get paid

Now where this is different from the previous one? Well, it is different indeed. In this case, we’ll give you an opportunity to write for us and get paid in a different way. Let me clear it to you step by step.

  • You write an article for us and send it to us.
  • We’ll check if that article is 100% unique or not, i.e. if you yourself have written the whole article. In technical terms, it’s called plagiarism checking.
  • We’ll check the language and check if there’s any grammatical error.
  • We’ll check if the article meets our guideline or not.

If everything goes well, we’ll publish your article on our website and pay you for your efforts. The payment can depend on what kind of agreement you have with us. That could be per content, per word, length of the article, etc.

Write blogs for us

Well, in this case, you’re invited as the ‘guest author’ on our website. Write blogs for us and we’ll publish them with your name. That will fulfill your dream of being a blogger, with thousands of people around the globe reading your article. We’ll promote you as a blogger for free in this case.

Write SEO optimized articles for us

Well, this is considered higher-level writing. You must be aware of the fact that Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world people use to search things online. In this case, you must have a brief idea of how Google search works, and how websites rank in Google searches.

We expect from you that you should write such an article which people will enjoy and would love to spend some time on our website reading it and complies with Google Guidelines too. And it should be written following some certain things like –

  • SEO, or Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Keywords

In short, your article must be enjoyable to read as well as it must include well-researched keywords that are SEO-optimized so that it could help the article to get better ranks in Google searches. The article can be on topics like Marketing, Business, Sports, etc. it’s obvious that each topic will have different keywords and different sectors to concentrate on.

We understand that this is a different kind of skill, and we pay our writers to ensure that their skills are getting the values they deserve.

Start writing today

So what are you waiting for? Leave all your hesitations and start writing! It will help you to pursue your dream to become a writer, and will bring some money as well to your pocket! Don’t waste time thinking, just do it!