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More Photos of Weird people from social networks

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Here is another selection of pictures of mad people from social networks that get up really strange things. It is unclear what motivates them in these moments, but in any case it is interesting to look at this harmless madness.

Funny pictures of Strange and subnormal People

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Do not even try to make sense of these images, you still will not understand never! Just unplug the brain, have fun and laugh to this pictures of strange and subnormal people :)

Anna Mikhailova – Russian stylist with an incredibly long nails

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By profession, Anna Mikhailova is an international class stylist, ranked in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest barber in the world, making 12 hours 315 hairstyles! Anna is definitely talented, multi-faceted personality and very showy woman, but her half-meter nails look scary. Although these nails definitely draw goggles public and can rightly be considered the highlight of the famous stylist.

Dad came up with a fun way to get his son to come home every year for Easter

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Father of one American guy in college was afraid that he wouldn´t come home for Easter. And the family was able to be reunited at Easter because father came with a very funny and unusual way of motivation for his son to return home. He bought his favorite Easter marshmallow candy in the form of bunnies, and for four years with the advent of spring began to “kill” one hare and send pictures to his son. It was a cruel torture “murder” for the marshmallow rabbits, that ended only when his son came home.

Creepiest easter bunnies costumes

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For Easter some people decided to dress up in Easter bunny costume, symbolizing fertility and spring, and … scaring children in shopping malls! Certainly, American children with horror await the arrival of this blessed holiday, because they have to go through again met with a terrible creature, after which they certainly will long nightmares.

Unusual couple who got carried away for many body modifications

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42-year-old Gabriela and 43-year-old Victor Peralta are not an ordinary couple who live together in love and harmony for 18 years. The couple are different from all other pairs, they ardent love for the modifications of the body and because of this mutual addiction they are perfect for each other. 90% of the body of Victor and 65% scored Gabriela body tattoos, each of them 50 and 11 punctures of horn implants in the head.

Most strange and ridiculous attire Hollywood celebrities lately

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At Hollywood, celebrities do not always get to look stylish and refined, sometimes their outfits are tasteless and even absurd than cause genuine interest of the paparazzi who do not miss an opportunity to photograph the stars dips. Here is a collection of the worst outfits of celebrities on the red carpet as well as in everyday life.

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