He makes millions of dollars, but is proud to live in your old car and open to adventure

It is a professional baseball player and there is no better fitness to him than the Walmart parking lot.

Some people should find he’s crazy, but Daniel Norris sure how they live. He is happy, have a good time in his Volkswagen touring the city, walking through the grass, bathing in rivers through which it passes or surfing. Inside his car has everything you need, and little: kitchen tools, some clothes, his beloved table.

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23 people defying death

Be amazed watching these 23 people defying death. Would you dare to let you shoot in any of these poses?I would not!

These images will leave you in shock; To be honest, there is only a qualifier for these people: exciting! Very few would dare to do that.

Imagine a picture frame in your room, and that the character of any of these images you. These photos show extreme activities that only few people dare to do.

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Funny faces of the people who decided to ride on the extreme rides

The world-famous amusement park called Disneyland is famous not only for its performances and parades for kids, but also a truly extreme rides for desperate daredevils. On some of these rides in the most dangerous moment the shutter is triggered camera that photographs the frightened faces of people in panic from the upcoming fall. Presenting your attention the most epic and funny moments of entertainment.

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