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I think these people did something wrong ..

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Life would be a paradise if everyone did everything good. And yet among us, full of individuals who either do not want to, or simply do not know what it means to “do right.” And we have no choice how to smile with their ridiculous actions and pray that fate brought you not to deal with them. Cheerful selection of photos, each of which people refuse to do anything humanly.

Zionnghaka Chana – the most important voter India, have 39 wives and 127 children

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Crazy, Curiosity, Oddities 15 de abril de 2014

And a polygamist sect leader Zionnghaka Chana is the most important voter every politician in the state of Mizoram state, India. He has such a great influence because he has 39 wives, 27 of them with 127 children living under one roof in his house. During the election, every politician courting polygamist as he can because his favor is about 160 votes. Real polygamous madness!

Funny and strange family photos

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Family photos are an important part in the life of any family as a way to remember the members at some point in their lives. But these pictures from the past can not be called simple and typical family portraits, they twist! No one can say exactly what was on the minds of these people when they were taking pictures, but we can say for sure that these undeniably absurd and weird pictures were very funny and ridiculous.

Unusual fashion outfits by crazy designers

Posted by Filed in Crazy, Curiosity, Freaks, Oddities 13 de abril de 2014

Regularly hosts fashion week presented with more surprises, surprising crazy outfits. Naturally, the collection showcased at the catwalks are not suitable for everyday wear, but many designers rush to extremes and create unimaginable psychedelic costumes, surprising and even shocking mere mortals. Hail surrealism!

Creepy parks and playgrounds for children in Russia

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Collection of Creepy Russian park and playgrounds for children over which were worked by utilities, which obviously hate children. Otherwise, why would they create creepy creatures, vaguely resembling animals and unsuitable building playgrounds? Of course, on some yards bother tenants, but basically all the handiwork of housing and communal services.

Picdump: The world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures #31

Posted by Filed in Crazy, Curiosity, Freaks, Funny, Girls, Humor, Oddities, Picdump 10 de abril de 2014

This is the thirty firts post of the world’s funniest, curious and weirdest pictures, where you will find a lot of funny and very rare photos, it is a combination of all, you never know what you will see in these photos and that’s what makes them so interesting!

Celebrities, so similar to the old discarded mattresses

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Crazy, Funny, Humor, Oddities 7 de abril de 2014

Unknown merry fellows noticed strange trend - Hollywood celebrities in their appearance very similar to discarded mattresses. It is not clear whether this is such fashionable mattresses that inspire stars, or talent of these celebrities are so strong that makes mattresses dressed as they are. How else do have similarities and very amusing.

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