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Cristiano Ronaldo starred in a strange Japanese commercial, trainer for the face

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Do not get tired of repeating that the Japanese are strange people! Unbridled imagination inhabitants of the country of the rising sun to help them come up with eccentric gadgets are often meaningless, absurd and ridiculous. The most interesting thing is that a famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to play in the next advertising miracle invention of Japanese developers, promising to increase the elasticity of the skin and tighten facial oval.

Scary pears that look like real babies

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In Beijing, China became available creepy pears that look like real babies, also known as “happy dolls pears.” This unusual form of pears produced by the fetus in the conclusion of a special plastic form in the early stages of development. Then the pear starts to grow, deform and take the form of creepy babies. The Chinese say that one bite “of children’s pear” you add 47,000 years of life, at the cost of the $ 3 pears.

The most ridiculous selfies made at the most inopportune moment

Posted by Filed in Crazy, Freaks, Funny 31 de julio de 2014

Selfies …Who needs to look at the same pictures in which only occasionally changing clothes and the background? Of course a different matter when you’re a celebrity, but they fortunately rarely suffer so. To draw attention to its own self, people begin making their perverted and at the most inopportune moment, like, “I look at the funeral,” or “my plane now seems to fall.” The most ridiculous selfies made in the moments when they just about had to forget await you on.

Strong men with skinny legs, proving that the legs also need to train

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Many bodybuilders do not train legs guided by the fact that “in the pants legs is not visible,” apparently pants they never filmed. They do a very good reason, because seeing ourselves inflated torso men you lower your eyes down to where you are greeted by white chick legs, a very funny picture. We offer you a collection of images of men with skinny legs that all attention to only the top, and that´s why they become like cartoon characters.

Crazy fan turned herself into a replica of Kim Kardashian

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Crazy, Curiosity, Girls 17 de julio de 2014

Become a replica of Kim Kardashian is not cheap, it can confirm the 24-year-old Englishwoman Claire Leeson, which spends thousands of dollars to look like the reality TV star. Obsessed fan has spent more than $ 30 000 for a wide range of treatments, which include breast implants, hair extensions, fake tan, as well as buying clothes from brands. According to the girl, the impetus for change was the appearance that in her teens she was attacked by their peers. She hoped that by doing so can gain confidence in themselves.

That’s what happen when adults recreate their childhood photos

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Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still, we all grow old. Someone refers to this with sadness, and someone knows how to laugh at it. All people love to get their old family album and laugh at their children’s photographs, but these guys brought this process to a new level. People united by a common idea of ​​humor, the network spread their funny photos, which they recreate their old baby pictures. The best of them you can see below.

From a decent family, man has tattooed all of his body

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Many of us out of fear of losing their jobs are afraid to express themselves, and in fact one of the diligent office workers dreaming to make a fancy hairstyle, piercing or tattoo. Keith Gordon was once a skinhead and had a tattoo on the body, from which he then had to get rid of by skin grafting, to get a job as a “white collar”. But lusty and 58-year-old Keith spent about 15,000 pounds, in order to fully score your body with tattoos.

Collection of silly and ridiculous selfies

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The last trend is to photographing using your mobile phone, along with good shots, generates a myriad of incredibly stupid, ridiculous and even strange selfies, lovers of crossbows that seek to share with the world and fill the Internet. Photos on the memory that’s fine, because looking at them can remember a lot of pleasant moments of life, but what kind of nostalgic thoughts can cause photos creators of these selfies remains a mystery.

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