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The natural beauty of Hollywood celebrities in everyday life without makeup

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Curiosity 10 de abril de 2014

Instagram – this is a place where people post their photos of everyday life and the stars are no exception. Many celebrities are not afraid to stand in front of their fans and the rest of the public without makeup and boldly spread photos without makeup in the network. Suggest you watch the daily photos of famous Hollywood beauties without professional makeup and retouching.

Celebrities, so similar to the old discarded mattresses

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Crazy, Funny, Humor, Oddities 7 de abril de 2014

Unknown merry fellows noticed strange trend - Hollywood celebrities in their appearance very similar to discarded mattresses. It is not clear whether this is such fashionable mattresses that inspire stars, or talent of these celebrities are so strong that makes mattresses dressed as they are. How else do have similarities and very amusing.

How Famous sex symbols of the past are looking now

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity 20 de marzo de 2014

Time moves forward and for those who are younger, have over the years. We grow old together with your favorite actors and singers, sometimes without realizing it. But if you look at the comparison shots, it is immediately obvious that the years take their toll. To many with age comes overweight, lost their former freshness and lightness. But some famous men age even to face, over the years, they began to look more solid and more brutal.

Facemath – What will happen if you cross a celebrity with other one?

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Funny 6 de febrero de 2014

Enterprising gay guys have created a small project “Facemath” (Mathematics person), in which they decided to cross the face of celebrities with anything, to result in another face star. In the beginning they only experimented with faces of celebrities, but later in the course went animals, toys and even the dishes! Let’s look at this facial math!

Children star of famous parents

Posted by Filed in Celebrities 24 de enero de 2014

Look at the children of people you know that are always interesting, because you can compare the degree of their similarity. And if the children of celebrities, the interest in them rises to dizzying heights, because these parents know almost everything! Some of them you may have seen in a younger state, it’s time to look like grown star kids of the world famous parents.

children of famous
Scott Eastwood

Son of Clint Eastwood


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