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The most ridiculous outfits of Hollywood celebrities so far

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Curiosity, Funny 19 de agosto de 2014

It would seem that Hollywood stars are the people that need to keep track of their style like no other, because they are a public person being monitored and which equaled millions. But in fact, the Hollywood celebrity is not always possible to look stylish and refined, sometimes their outfits are tasteless and even absurd, than cause genuine interest from the paparazzi who do not would not miss an opportunity to take a picture of the failures of the stars. Here is a collection of the celebrities with worst outfits on the red carpet as well as in everyday life.

Funny transformation using makeup to famous people and characters

Posted by Filed in Amazing, Celebrities, Funny, Humor 19 de agosto de 2014

With a masterful ability to use makeup can transform into anyone, as it once mocked and the heroes of our articles. Not so long ago on the Internet, appeared cheerful trend called “Makeup Transformations”, for participation in which young boys and girls show what actions with makeup and clothing should be performed to supposedly turn into one or another star. Of these collage of three photos is a fun preparing for reincarnation, and the fourth – a real star photos, which allegedly turned joker. Made a joke not only on the stars, but also the characters of the famous cartoon characters. Bring to your attention some of the funniest pictures of this trend.

:D jajajaja!!

Died talented Hollywood actor Robin Williams

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity 12 de agosto de 2014

On Monday, August 11, the Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams was found dead in his home in Tiburon (California). Alleged cause of actor death was strangulation and preliminary, but not yet formally confirmed data, 63-year-old comedian committed suicide. The exact cause of death will be determined on August 12 after a forensic medical examination. This sad news shocked many people. We all will remember him with the ever smiling on his face, whose roles have always been cheerful and bright. But the words of the representative of the actor, his life in recent years was not so rosy.

Famous Russian rapper Seryoga, losing weight has changed beyond recognition

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Health 11 de julio de 2014

All Russian citizens at least once in your life heard once trendy track Belarusian rapper Seryoga “Black boomer” and will remember, looked like a cheerful artist. Had come to him after the glory, 37-year-old Sergei, whose real name is Sergei Parkhomenko, temporarily disappear from the scene and returned to a new unrecognizable image: Artist considerably thinner, pumped muscles and, if not strange, began to look gloomy and the aged. By the way, now it sounds like a nickname Seryoga.

Jennifer Lawrence showed all her breast for Dior fashion show in Paris

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Girls 10 de julio de 2014

Jennifer Lawrence – Actress conquered many hearts of men and the star of such famous films as “The Hunger Games”, “My boyfriend is crazy” and others, was honored to become the face of fashion house Dior. On a recent show of famous actress, as expected, was in a dress by Dior, which proved to be extremely frank. Dress Jennifer looked very elegant, but very naughty side opened up views of her breasts. However, it seems that the very candid celebrity these species did not hesitate.

Britney Spears shows her true figure, wearing shorts and tiny top

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Curiosity, Ugliest 26 de junio de 2014

A popular singer with love of all teenagers, Britney Spears has gone downhill. Paparazzi tends to provide pictures star that has ceased to look after themselves, put on weight and is increasingly appearing in public in an unfavorable light, and its long-standing trick with shaving head left an indelible impression on many. Although recently a 32-year old singer slowly began to come to herself and her long-time fans have hope again that Britney will delight them with its beautiful appearance, but it was not like that…

Animal rights groups have accused Lady Gaga of abusing her own dog

Posted by Filed in Amazing, animals, Curiosity, Curious animals 23 de junio de 2014

Back in April of this year outrageous singer Lady Gaga has got a French bulldog puppy, which the star called Asia. Dog has gained popularity due to the fact that the singer take her dog to all the social events and she puts to the dog an accessory. But animal rights advocates is not that excited. Not so long ago, Lady Gaga has posted pictures of her pet in Instagram, where the poor animal was wearing an outlandish outfit as a necklace, and ears adorned bulky clips.

What happened to the face of Angelina Jolie?

Posted by Filed in Celebrities, Funny, Humor 15 de mayo de 2014

Recently in New York, was the premiere screening of “Normal Heart”, which gathered a lot of invited celebrities, among whom was one of the most prominent Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been put in an awkward position due to the fault of her make-up artist who went too far with reflective powder, invisible to the eye. And only under the flashes of cameras revealed that the star face covered with white spots.

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