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Unusual and disgusting food

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There is variety of food around the world, some of them look good and taste is also good, but others just see it, takes away hunger.

Century egg

The Century Egg primarily consumed in China and other asian countries are quail, duck and other eggs that have been preserved for a period for later human consumption.

unusual food

Chrysalis (caterpillar larvae)

Primarily an asian dish Chrysalis is the stage that caterpillars go through when changing into a butterfly.

unusual food

Rooster testicles

Rooster testicles can be eaten raw or cooked. I think the disgusting factor is pretty evident but many people like rooster testicles and they are considered a delicacy in certain parts of the world.

unusual food

Bull penis

Bull penis although primarily used to make dog treats is also consumed by humans. It is often called “Pizzle” and in other parts of the world “cow cods” (which makes little sense as cows do not have a penis).

unusual food

Sea urchin gonads

I’ve been told that this is best served live. Taking the live sea urchin you much break it open and remove it’s gonads which are the edible part of the creature.

unusual food


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