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  • Racist is offended when his daughter came out with a boy of color; You are dead to me


    Racist is offended when his daughter came out with a boy of color

    You are dead to me Meet Anna Hayes Girl was disinherited by her dad when dating a black boy Hayes is a high school student living in South Arkansas, at a place called Lake Villaje. Within their community, racism is one of the biggest problems we face every day. During an interview, he explains the […]

  • No one would escape from school if the teachers were like this


    No one would escape from school if the teachers were like this

    We’ve all definitely been sympathetic or hateful teachers, but most of us did not get a chance to have a little crazy teachers. However, this does not mean that the other kids in the world did not have it, they could even portray them or the teachers took pictures of the crazy things they did […]

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    Amazing Facts about Dreams ¡SHOCKING!

    NUMBER 1 You can’t read or tell the hour while you’re dreaming; so if you are not sure if you are dreaming or not try this. NUMBER 2 You can’t have lucid dreams NUMBER 3 Inventions created by a dream, sewing machine, google, periodic table NUMBER 4 Premonitions; things you dream that happen and later […]

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    Weird and unexplainable Facts

    Facts that  are unexplainable for some scientists NUMBER 1 Goats don’t drink from running waters NUMBER 2 The roaches favorite food its the past back from stamps NUMBER 3 Mouses don’t puke NUMBER 4 on 1800’s right shoe was the same for the left one NUMBER 5 it’s proof that cigarrettes are the most studied […]

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    Blonde FAILS

    Well we have misunderstood for so many years the blondes behaviors, we don’t know if the reason or blame falls over the high amounts of peroxid they are exposed for almost half of a year, or maybe it’s karma’s faults, because only thems are captured doing the silliest things that a human can do. You […]

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    We knew that Doki was Ugly but this is ridiculous Just one word for this imitation PATHETIC Well this will make me have Nightmares today Sorry man you need more Steroids Hell boy after getting married Omg it’s not the guy that worries us, it’s the happy girl face, while she stands next to the […]

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    AntiGay Celebrity gets pied in the face by a homosexual

    This century it’s the most open minded century ever, gay people are more accepted and taking care than never before, cause on past years gay people were marginalized, and exiled, and some doctor believed that be gay was an decease, and gay teen parents putted them into mental hospitals, subjecting their kids to electro-shocks treatments […]

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    WTF is Rapunzel Syndrome?

    This syndrome name was took from bros grim tales, and its caused by pulling our your own hair to eat it, causing bowels obstruction, because our stomach can’t digest the hair, the consequences for that disgusting habit, its building a huge hair ball, which only can be removed by surgery, this pathology is asociated, to […]