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  • crazy japanese inventions

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    10 crazy Japanese inventions

    Asians are again transmitting to us through their crazy inventions. To not talk about Asians, they have a certain freedom of thought, especially the Japanese inventors who create incredible things. Looking at these inventions have questions in mind: what, why and how all might come to mind the idea of ​​the invention, “this.” Some inventions […]

  • traces of animals


    Shoes leaving behind traces of animals

    Canadian artist-designer Maskull Lasserre created the project “Outliers”, in which he made shoes leaves a trail of animals, such as deer, rabbit, bear, etc. Seeing such traces in the midst of the city, passersby will be shocked, especially from the traces of bear paws with claws. The artist went on for fun and also created […]

  • unusual gift


    Original and unusual gift ideas for the New Year

    Matter of choosing gifts for the new year is now the most urgent, because before the holiday a few days left! If you have not figured out what to give your relatives and friends this holiday and you tired the trivial, the original gift ideas from this article you will surely enjoy!

  • Survival kit


    Survival kit that fits in the palm

    Modern industrial design company Fort Standard created its extremely compact version of a survival kit, called “Life is Precious”. The main goal of this set was to combine the things necessary for survival in an emergency inside a small capsule.

  • unusual Christmas decorations


    Crazy Christmas decorations

    On christmas everyone tries to decorate your home and tree are better than others, but there are people who do it do not, they have their own notions of beauty and fun. Introducing you a funny collection of absurd and unusual Christmas decorations Christmas toys.

  • new gadgets


    Gadgets that flooded the planet!

    Every day in the world there are new gadgets that make life easier humanity. It would seem that everything has been invented and can not invent anything new, but creative designers and scientists refute this opinion.