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    We knew that Doki was Ugly but this is ridiculous Just one word for this imitation PATHETIC Well this will make me have Nightmares today Sorry man you need more Steroids Hell boy after getting married Omg it’s not the guy that worries us, it’s the happy girl face, while she stands next to the […]

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    The most Muscular woman on earth

    Your about to be mindblowded, because this woman has reached a body bigger than a regular bodybuilder, for just being a girl, yeah you read well it’s a woman, you can figure it out by all females facial features, she says that she did this body changes to show everybody that nothing its impossible, and […]

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    The rare fashion in Petersburg’s metro

    Public transportation is a great way to travel for those who do not have a car, and a place where you can meet the most colorful and crazy characters, behavior and appearance is sometimes very surprising. It seems that some of the passengers do not feel that they have around other people, and that in […]

  • scary baby pears face

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    Scary pears that look like real babies

    In Beijing, China became available creepy pears that look like real babies, also known as “happy dolls pears.” This unusual form of pears produced by the fetus in the conclusion of a special plastic form in the early stages of development. Then the pear starts to grow, deform and take the form of creepy babies. […]

  • bad moments to take a selfie inopportune

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    The most ridiculous selfies made at the most inopportune moment

    Selfies …Who needs to look at the same pictures in which only occasionally changing clothes and the background? Of course a different matter when you’re a celebrity, but they fortunately rarely suffer so. To draw attention to its own self, people begin making their perverted and at the most inopportune moment, like, “I look at […]

  • ridiculous selfies

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    Collection of silly and ridiculous selfies

    The last trend is to photographing using your mobile phone, along with good shots, generates a myriad of incredibly stupid, ridiculous and even strange selfies, lovers of crossbows that seek to share with the world and fill the Internet. Photos on the memory that’s fine, because looking at them can remember a lot of pleasant […]