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  • sylvester stallone daughters red carpet

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    Sylvester Stallone and his compelling family consisting of beautiful girls

    Many remember Sylvester Stallone for his roles in the good old action movies have long since become classics of the genre, such as “Rambo: First Blood,” “Judge Dredd”, “Rocky”, etc. How can one forget his fierce distorted face, long became his trademark. Despite his advanced age, Sylvester is still in great shape and continues to […]

  • alejandra botez canandian chess player

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    Alexandra Botez – most beautiful chess player in the world

    Chess – sport strong mind and a very vain society bypassed. Girl named Alexandra Botez from Canada with all her heart loves chess and tries to promote them to the masses, such as their appearance .. Alexandra, perhaps the most beautiful chess player in the world. Girl regularly competes in chess, representing her country on […]

  • melissa murphy before after makeup celebrities

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    Photos of famous models before and after makeup

    It’s no secret that using makeup can transform any girl in the dazzling beauty, with absolutely any. These interesting pictures shared a famous make-up artist named Melissa Murphy, placing in their profile Instagram. On duty, the talented makeup artist Melissa Murphy often have to work with actresses, models and even adult film stars whose pictures […]

  • lolita richie living doll

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    Lolita Richie – new living doll from Russia

    Introducing you Lolita Richie – new living doll from Russia. Looking at this girl is hard to believe that she is actually alive, so very much proportions of her body shape ideals fits with Barbie dolls. By popularity, it can be a serious competitor Valeria Lukyanova. Photos of this wonderful girl, we offer you to […]

  • losing weight kilos

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    Girl lost 30 kg and was turned into a sexual beauty, after her husband’s hurtful words

    Mother of two children 25-year-old Stacey Hammond-Moore was fed with everything she wanted and led a sedentary lifestyle. After a while she looked at herself and realized that won too many extra pounds, until the appearance of dyspnea. But how many of us, it is not long attached importance to this, while her husband Stacey […]