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  • new life tooth grow

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    Dentist literally found a new life in the patient’s tooth

    36 year old man from Taiwan was complaining about a severe toothache and decided to visit the local dentist consultory. Once the dentist took a look inside the mouth of the patient, the doctor found such a thing he had never met in my life. Inside the tooth an incredible new life was originated, it […]

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    Stunning pictures of people who lost weight

    Obesity is a problem that affects people of all ages and social strata. Even today, we can find quite uploaded weight children, due to sedentary lifestyle and junk food. There are some people suffering from overweight, but “took claw” to fight him, and at the end of your treatment and diet, the results were really […]

  • bajar peso

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    15 tricks to lose weight really fast

    The basic premises for weight loss are known by everyone. Eating less fat, less sugar, less of each food group; but the real challenge is to apply this inhuman austerity sometimes for many. Here are some interesting tricks to help you get your goal to lose weight in a quick manner. 1. Eat sitting, standing […]

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    9 Reasons to start running

    The ancient Greeks said: “. If you want to be safe, run If you want to be beautiful, runs inteligentecorre If you want to be.”. And they were right. They say that physical exercise can cure many diseases. This is the perfect free way to look good. Here are nine reasons to start running:

  • cancer celebrities


    20 celebrities who beat cancer

    Cancer is a malignant, hard ulcer or tumor, which tends to invade and destroy surrounding body tissues. Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Fighting cancer is […]

  • funny ways to tell about pregnancy

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    Unusual and funny ways to tell everyone about the pregnancy

    Before the imminent appearance of the child, first only relatives and close friends know about it, but with the advent of the Internet, this ritual took more mass, creative and wacky character. Today many seek, using social networks to tell everyone that they soon will have a baby. But among them there are too creative […]